Education and Schools in Libya

Expats should note that schools are subject to close in times of conflict or instability. Expats with children should contact the schools directly. 

Finding a school in Libya that upholds the standard of education expats expect for their children can seem like a daunting task. 

In fact, many expats have in the past chosen to leave their families behind and brave their new environment by themselves, solely because there were no international schooling options in Libya that could cater to children beyond early years.

However, over the course of the last decade, corporations who have cultivated the expat community have attempted to make expat children's education transition as seamless as possible. Though choices still remain few and waiting lists can cause frustration, the handful of international schools available are well-organised and highly reputed.

Currently, services begin from pre-school and run through to tertiary education, across a range of curricula and disciplines. Pre-schools typically accept three-year-olds, but the International School of Tripoli will take two-year-olds.

All curricula within the international schools are formally accredited, and some even offer the esteemed International Baccalaureate regime. Standards within the schools are high and facilitated by small class sizes, and thus a more appropriate student-teacher ratio.

In lieu of this fact, it is absolutely imperative that expats register their children as early as possible to ensure proper enrolment.  There is almost always a non-refundable application fee to be paid for this service.

Additionally, there is an elevated level of diversity among both the student body and staff in each school; negotiating a unique multicultural atmosphere and creating students with an appropriately well-rounded perspective.   

Especially for young children, there is a very limited smattering of playgroups. One well-known provider is The Little Angels Playgroup, boasting excellent premises and dedicated staff. Schools in Libya can also act as a wide avenue of social activity.  Many families come together to take part in special events and welcome new members of the community.

List of international schools in Libya


Benghazi European School



Deutsche Schule



English Community School



ISM International School