Healthcare in Libya

As a result of international sanctions, only lifted in 2004, healthcare in Libya has had to evolve almost entirely independently of international influence. Though these public and private sectors have managed without the help of a global presence thus far, the absence of aid has left plenty of room for improvement. It is highly likely that healthcare in Libya will be considered sub-par by many expats.

The system remains mediocre predominately due to the fact that Libya is a low-middle income country. 

Even Libyan locals often pursue medical facilities abroad for the more chronic conditions that plague the country’s population – such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Thus, it is highly recommended that expats consider medical options abroad if a serious condition arises. That means s medical insurance package should provide for emergency repatriation.

Medical facilities in Libya

Medical facilities in Libya are limited and it is essential for expats to become a member of a private clinic.

The Medilink Clinic in Tripoli is staffed by English-speaking expat doctors, and is a popular choice of those accustomed to Western standards of healthcare. The clinic offers family services, ER services and is equipped with modern ambulances to boot. Medilink is a “members only” private clinic that functions according to either a basic membership and pay-as-you-go service fees, or all-inclusive style membership. Many of the oil company and other corporate employees and their families are known to be paying members.

Health insurance in Libya

It's important that expats have private health insurance while in Libya, but nonetheless, many times doctors will expect payment in cash immediately. Still, private healthcare provides superior service and shorter waiting times compared to the erratic public services.

Make sure that a private health insurance provider is negotiated as part of a contract.

Soon after arrival in Libya one should register at a clinic of one's choice. Carry the clinic card on one's person as a means of identification in case of an accident.

Recommended healthcare facilities in Libya


Medilink International

Address: Tripoli Clinic

Shara Hasi Messaoud

Suq El Gbub, Ghirgharesh


Tel: +218 483 7292


Swiss Diagnostic Clinic

Address: Jraba Street

Ben Ashour Area


Tel: +218 21 360 4104

Saint James Hospital

Address: Wesayet El Bderi



Tel: +218 21 711 3092

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