Dentists in Beijing?

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By didi - Posted on
27 July 2013
Hi, does anyone have advice or experience with dental care, not just a filling may be a root canal or something like that. I see on various websites:

1) BJG United Family Hospitals. does anyone know Diane Feng and Sophie Ding whoe are listed as dentists there.

2) International SOS : any comments? thanks,
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It is true that majority of people are still not aware of taking care of teeth right from the childhood, or they just act carelessly and avoid taking their kids to a dentist. However, the gov. is trying to provide the best health facilities, including dental care to the young and adult, and we should respect it.
Regards, Jazz

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I usually go home for any major dental treatment. At least I think I would, I didnt need any in the last decade ;)
There are a lot of international dentists, I think they would all be ok. I just advice against United Family Hospital I was there once for an X-Ray and they really really try to overcharge you on whatever they can.

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Arrail is the most popular chain of dentists for foreigners, it is not very expensive, but quite good quality. Otherwise the international hospitals, but they cost a LOT

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There are number of good dentists in Beijing. I have even had two implants done here in Beijing. In the recent ELAs (Expat Life Awards) International SOS Dental Clinic was awarded the Best and Jiamei was Highly Recommended. For a full list of nominees and winners see ..

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