What do I need to know about moving to Beijing with kids?

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31 March 2016

I would love to hear experiences- ask questions of anyone who has recently relocated to shunyi district with kids. As expected I have many questions. Mostly regarding whether our salary package is good enough and about life with kids etc. any help is appreciated. Thanks, Mketurah

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You should know that probably won't be enrolling your kids in a local school. Unless your kids are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, you won't be enrolling your kids in the local schooling system. As with all of mainland China, the local school system in Beijing doesn't really cater to students who don't speak the local language. Fortunately there are a fair few international schools in Beijing you can enrol your children into, but the waiting lists to get in can be quite extensive. With this in mind, there's no point which is too early get your kids on the waiting list, which is usually around 6 months at a minimum.

You can ask your questions at Beijing@santaferelo.com

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Hi there,

How old are your kids? Where are you relocating from.

I suggest starting your research by reading our Education and Schools in Beijing page.

Just let me know any other specific questions you have.


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In Beijing there is a really bad ecology. Maybe you will need in respirator or face mask

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