Domestic Help in Beijing?

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25 March 2013
Hello 1) I would like to know the monthly salary of a live in maid in Beijing. We do not need a highly proficient English speaker. We are happy with a maid who can understand and speak little English. 2) What is the monthly salary of a part time cook. Hours of duty will be 3-4 hours per day. 3) What will be the monthly salary of a Car Driver. I have been informed that Expats cannot own cars. So i will have to rent a car. Once again I am not looking for a highly proficient English speaker, I am happy with basic English knowledge 4) Is it possible to bring a maid from Phillipines, India, Indonesia etc Thx VG
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Hi, live in maids in China are not as popular as in HK or Singapore, although you still can find. I prefer day time 8-10 hrs maid if without infants at home. A live in maid who works for local people in Beijing may charge 3500-4500RMB, and charges higher to expacts, especially if you request one who speaks English. It costs 100-150 RMB for half day working, which is easier to get a good one. You might check with friends who are living in Beijing and share the maid who can work for you the other half day. Good luck in Beijing!

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who says that expats can not own cars?
Well, they can. Just cars in Beijing in general are restricted as the government is trying to reduce the traffic. So it is hard to get a license plate that allows you to drive into Beijing city - thats the same for Chinese and expats though.

Besides that, I think for a live in maid who speaks some English (it is very rare to find someone in China who speaks some English) is probably 4,000 - 5,000 RMB. I personally think you should be generous and pay a bit more, but that is your choice.
Bringing maids from other countries is very difficult I have heard (no personal experience) as the visas are almost impossible to get.

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pay a bit more to your ayi and she will treat you better. You can pay very little and as with any job, if you pay bad, they wont work very well.

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