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on 22 Sep 2015
Hi All, I have a 8+ Years of Exp in IT , I just got an offer from a Singapore company who offered 6000 SGD (after a lot of negotiation) however few things were not offered by the company which mostly company in INDIA provides - Followings are not offered by the company - 1 - Relocation amount from INDIA to Singapore 2 - Initial 15 days\1 month stay in Singapore 3 - Air tickets for wife and son 4 - Reimbursement of Brokerage amount 5 - Medical Benefit for wife and son 6 - No Bonus I was informed that they will provide the brokers number who will help me to find a suitable flat over the phone. I searched and found out that the brokers usually charge 1 month rent, So if a flat cost is 2000 , I will have to pay 2000 to the broker and 1 month advance to the landlord - 2000 + 2000 + 2000 = 6000 ( 276000 INR) before even getting my first salary I was also informed that you will have to get your wife and son on the Tourist visa which you will have to pay and once they will be in singapore , the tourist visa will be converted in dependent visa by company. Which only costs 100 SGB each. Need to know if really Singapore company does not provide above facility to there employee or I am being fooled ?