Inquiry for Pre-eploymment Medical Tests for job in Bahrain

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By jamesdabble - Posted on
05 January 2014

Hi, There are 2 places on LMRA's website where information about Pre-employment Medical Tests is available: english_attachment/med_exam_req_20100615112715.pdf 

On the web page, an HCV test is mandatory for all expatriates while on the PDF, it is only for Health Care Workers. Kindly tell me which one is correct?

GAMCA medical centres in home country are doing all blood related tests regardless of type of employment and giving UNFIT certificate if any test fails.
Kindly let me know whether I shall be able to get IT Professional Visa if GAMCA declares me UNFIT only due to HCV.



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Hi James

This is unfortunately an issue that often comes up with expats moving to Bahrain. Unfortunately, your fate very much rests in the hands of the officials who you will be interacting with, and who will be handling your paperwork.

It doesn't seem very fair, but this often seems to be the case. All I can recommend is that you proceed in the hope that everything will turn out okay, but be prepared for the eventuality that it might not be.

The best of luck to you,

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