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on 31 May 2011
Moving to Budapest to teach English in the near future and just wanted to hear expat opinions about whether or not I need to be concerned about security in the capital? Is Budapest safe, are there any points of good practice I should adopt?
Stephanie on 31 May 2011
Despite it's somewhat dingy appearance Budapest is perfectly safe if you're perfectly safe. Best practice is taking the precautions you would in any big city. Don't walk alone at night, avoid deserted streets (with horror music playing in the background), be mindful of your belongings in touristic and crowded places (like around the train station), stay away from the "konsum" girls...

One thing to pay special attention to, is your finances and credit card. When making a purchase try your best to have them process the transaction where you can see, and when drawing money from an ATM be mindful of who's around you. Furthermore, monitor your accounts carefully and if you do see any suspicious transactions, cancel your card immediately.