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on 27 Aug 2014

I'm looking at going on a working holiday to Thailand. I know there have been political tensions but that tourists have mostly been safe. What about wanting to work there? Is it safe for foreigners to work in Thailand, and will the situation there make it harder to adjust to life in the country?

Any help would be great.


Xavier on 28 Aug 2014
Hi Scott

While there are still some political tensions, things seem to have stabilised in the kingdom. Have a look at our recently updated Safety in Thailand page, which addresses the recent situation.

In terms of adapting to the country, have a look at our Culture Shock in Thailand page, which was written by an expat in Phuket.

Good luck on your adventure.


Pinot on 17 Jul 2016
Thailand is very safe. In seven years I've never had an incident and can't even think of one. Home break ins happen. You need to lock up but overall very safe.