Moving to Albufeira and open a shop?

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13 July 2012
Hey there, Im from Bucharest, Romania. Currently i have a hippie shop in Bucharest, Romania and i want to move completely in Albufeira. I want to ask you some questions about my intention to move in Albufeira and to open a hippie shop there and i hope do not mind if there are to many questions, it is very important for me to know the opinion of someone who already lives there and give me some very useful tips. Also, please excuse me if my English is not spoken of the best ...:) So, i will begin the tirade of questions and concerns and i want to let u know that any suggestion or advice from you will be very much appreciated here...:) Also, if u know or not, Romania is UE member since 2007, so your advices may be given in terms of a member of a citizen of the EU countrie, okay? Thnx! 1. I know that to make this move to Albufeira i need three important things, but i do not know in which order to do it first? 1.1 - renting a house with legal contract. Can anyone tell me what are the documents needed to rent a house for long-term legal contract? Also, what are the prices for renting an apartment T0 or T1 in Albufeira or out of town (up to 5-6 km), because we are interested to not pay the higher price, at least in first year, to see how things are going with our business. What are the conditions that homeowners make when renting a house on contract a foreigner? 1.2 - Setting up a business. Can u tell me, what are the necessary documents to set up a company? Can i personally handle the creation of this company or need to hire an office specializing in start-ups? Who can I talk about this? There is a website of such work? Or to talk to an accountant? 1.3 - residence permit for 5 years. I know that i have the right to stay in Portugal for 90 days as tourists(as EU citizen), then you have to ask for a Certificate of residence for 5 years. What are the necessary documents for this and what is the institution that deals with the issuance of this permit? From what I understand, to rent a house we need the residence certificate and to get the residence certificate we need a house....So we are in a vicious circle. We can not obtain residence certificate without having rented a house and cannot rent a house without a certificate of residence .... ironic, huh? Can you tell me what would be the order and how to achieve these things? Can u give me more information (website, email) about an accounting agency to make contact in order to open company, about a real estate agency to make contact to rent a house long term? How do you think would be better and more advantageous for us to use a real estate agency to rent a house or to go personal in villages and small towns around Albufeira and talk personally with the locals about it? 2. Given the economic situation more difficult by passing Portugal, do you know, that as general information, if housing rents for long terms and commercial spaces prices are lower? Can you give me some indicative prices for renting a T0 or T1 on long term on Albufeira and how much it will be outside Albufeira? How much would it cost compared to renting an apartment in Albufeira T0 and T1 as the same apartment would cost outside the city (at a distance of 5-6km from Albufeira)? We searched on the intrnet in Portuguese language, but I found only rent to tourists (that I found just the prices per night, while the price we might be interested will be per month and longer term). Can u also give us some indicative prices for renting a commercial space (around 20-30mp) in one of the most populated streets of historic center of Albufeira? So that would be now. I hope I did not ask you to many questions ... :) and I want to you to know that any information or advice from you will be very appreciated. Thank you! Zafira
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Have a look at Working in Portugal for some information about being self-employed in Portugal.

You don't need a lease for a Certfificate of Residence. After you've lived in Portugal for five years you can apply for permanent residence, which is different, and you'll need a lease for that.

As an EU citizen, for a Certificate of Residence you need a valid passport and a declaration stating that you have enough funds, are self-employed, etc. As far as I know that's basically it. Check out this website for more info:
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