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on 15 Nov 2014
Hi all, My family will be moving to Calgary in early 2015. My husband's job is based in SW Calgary, can you recommend the best suburbs and elementary schools. Thanks
vineet.kapoor on 22 Nov 2014
i am looking for work & settlement in Canada. if u can guide, plz do so.
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Dec 2014
Hi, I found some ads that seems pretty affordable about housing in Calgary. But I'm not sure if that's just my opinion or is it still too high for houses in Calgary. What you think?
Filipe Sales on 28 Mar 2015
Hi all, I have the opportunity to move to Calgary but I'm very concerned with the cost of life and also the lifestyle. I live in Rio de Janeiro and actually I have a good life here and I want to keep this in can someone help me to have a real cost of life and the lifestyle...when I say lifestyle, means that in Rio I have maid who clean the house, whash and iron my clothes, this works in Calgary ? So, basic questions like that. Can someone help me with this stupid questions :-). Thank you very much.