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on 11 Apr 2013
Does anyone work in Security or Close protection in Portugal, moreso the Algarve? Working as a police officer just now but wanting to relocate to Algarve around 2015/16 and looking for any advice about getting jobs in that field. Thanks.
Shantalie on 12 Apr 2013
Hi Shaz, 

Most expats moving to the Algarve aren't moving for jobs, but rather for the meditarranean climate. However, I'd advise you to start your job search online. However, you'll probably have more luck through networking and making use of contacts within Portugal.

For some information take a look at our Working in Portugal page.

Good luck

ccs1812 on 17 Jan 2016
I am looking at setting up a security business in the Algarve. Having lived there for 5 years previously, I am shortly returning. Contact me if you want more details.
MIKEBALL08 on 6 Jun 2018

Have you set up security business? I am currently in the British army but moving to portugal at the end of this month