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on 18 Aug 2011
Can anyone advise on the best British school in Budapest? My children are 5,12,13 and we will be there for 4 or 5 years. I have seen the websites for both British schools (BISB and Britannica) but need an unbiased opinion.
MaryM on 18 Aug 2011
Hi International schools in Budapest is a bit of a touchy subject amongst parents that I know, some of whom are concerned with the academic standards. I don't know enough to make a recommendation, but one obvious consideration is cost. If your company is paying, then this will not matter, but if you are paying, then it cannot be ignored. All schools have websites: ISB (International) AISB (American school) BISB (British school) Britannica School (Spencer's school) Greater Grace ( a Christian School) International Christian School BISB is the favourite amongst expats who do not pay the fees themselves (over £12k per annum). The Budapest Times, the English-language paper ran a special on these schools a few months ago. 8 March Issue. You could check that out: