Working in Vienna without German skills (currently learning). Help/suggestions please.

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By Rebeka Doetsch - Posted on
19 September 2011
Hi, I am a degree-qualified HR professional with 5 yrs experience (also with about 7 years hospitality experience - waitressing, bar, kitchen), looking for work in Vienna. I've done the usual i.e. checked all UN job ads, been on many of the international company sites and now have applied to most english-speaking bar/waitress jobs but does anyone have any ideas or further avenues you could possibly suggest. I have even applied for admin roles and I don't mind that my Uni qualifications may not be necessary but I just need a foot in the door whilst I am learning German. I am an Austrian passport holder so there are no issues with rights to work, I just need someone to give me a chance or put me in touch with someone who can. If you require further info in order to help out, please advise. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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It sounds like you've done everything right thus far, but there are always other avenues to explore. Have you looked at an yof the online job sites that cater to Vienna/Austria. The Austria Times, the only English newspaper in the nation, has a job portal -, though positions are located all around the country. Additionally, has some decent options every now and then. Otherwise, trawling the expat sites and networking with individuals is also a good option.

Finally, perhaps you should advertise your services as an English language teacher. Check out private institutes that teach English, or offer your services online as a tutor.
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Hi Rebeka,

I'm almost in the same boat as you, but a year later. I see. Were you able to find anything? I've literally done the same thing as you. I think I've applied to about 7 or 8 jobs total at IAEA and OSCE. I've applied to several international schools, as well as to a couple of Universities here. I don't have a TOEFL certification but it might be something I do if I get too desperate (getting there). I've also contacted all of the Irish/Australian pubs in the area about working there, but no one gets back to me. I have experience in retail and administrative assistance and have a bachelors in art history and working on an online masters in museum studies from an American university in Baltimore. I'm really starting to get desperate here. I'm married to an Austrian so I have the correct visa and can work full-time but I'm afraid we are going to have to do long distance if I have to move back to the states for work. Any help or new leads would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi everyone.

I posted this earlier but I didn't have an account so I guess it is being reviewed. I'll post again now that I have an account. I'm in almost the same situation as you Rebeka, although I see you posted about a year ago, so I truly hope you have found something by now. I've applied for many jobs already at OSCE and IAEA, several of the international schools, a couple of the English speaking univerisities, etc. I also just this week contacted many of the Australian/Irish pubs in town, but no one ever contacts me back. I don't know what to do anymore. Getting desperate here. Considering if getting TEFL certified is worth the money. I don't really want to teach. I'm nannying for now, but I've been doing it for over a year and quite honestly, it is starting to weigh on me. I feel like my life and career are on hold. I'm working on German, taking classes (I'm level B1/B2 now). I have a bachelors in art history and am working on an online masters in museum studies from an American Uni. I fear that if I don't find a job soon my Viennese husband and I will have to do long distance for a while because I'll have to move to wherever it is that I find a job. If anyone knows of any other options (I constantly check Der Standard, Karriere, Virtual Vienna, all of the international schools) please let me know! I have experience in retail and retail management, as well as almost 5 years of experience in higher ed. administrative assistance. Thank you so much! Diana

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