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  • Oman
    Hello I would be relocating to Oman and my employer does not provide for health insurance. Could someone advice the approximate cost of the following...
    1 | 22 weeks 2 days
  • Brussels
    Hi all, My daughter has just started the school called 'Ecole communale de Stockel'. She's 2.5 years old and has joined in classe d'accueil. Do you...
    Zero | 23 weeks 1 day
  • Qatar
    I would like to know how restrictive the exit permits are in Qatar. I have been offered a job there, but would hate to lose any freedom to travel the...
    1 | 23 weeks 1 day
  • Jamaica
    Thinking about building a house in Jamaica...any advice on bureaucracy and the general process please? We are British and used to building in the UK...
    Zero | 23 weeks 2 days
  • Saudi Arabia
    Hi I am from India and was working in Saudi Arabia, my first employer proved to be the worst of worst kind and after a dirty fight i got a release...
    5 | 12 weeks 5 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    1 | 22 weeks 3 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    I'm flying to Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks (working at the science festival) from Nov 9th to the 24th, can anyone recommend to me and my colleagues flying...
    Zero | 23 weeks 4 days
  • Dubai
    Please i would want to know the best way to get a job in dubai, am an IT professional and i install and manage various electronic security equipments...
    5 | 16 weeks 3 days
  • Australia
    Hi, I have subclass 189 permanent visa and want to know if I have to pay school fees for public schools in Australia. Please let me know how much...
    1 | 23 weeks 15 hours
  • Dubai
    I am a student looking to go study and work in Dubai at the same time. I will be 17 years old when I arrive in college. I heard that a work permit is...
    1 | 11 weeks 1 day
  • Mozambique
    Hi There I am a South African currently working in Maputo and I am in the process of applying for my work visa. Currently I have to cross the Border...
    Zero | 23 weeks 5 days
  • Lagos
    1 | 23 weeks 2 days
  • Dubai
    Hello, I have recently joined this forum - I am from Australia and am currently negotiating a contract with a company located in Abu Dhabi. I am...
    5 | 22 weeks 2 days
  • Italy
    I am a citizen of the USA, born here. I heard that one can gain dual citizenship in Italy if their roots are not too far removed from Italy. My...
    2 | 22 weeks 5 days
  • Dubai
    I am presently a non resident of UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Me and my wife are intending to start new small business of Beauty and Hair Stylist Salon...
    1 | 8 weeks 4 days
  • Oman
    Hi there I'm considering going to teach in the Middle East, and Oman has become a possibility. I like the idea of it because it isn't as...
    5 | 10 weeks 19 hours
  • Romania
    Hi everyone I'm considering applying for an HR position based in Bucharest. I know Romania isn't exactly the most popular destination for...
    2 | 23 weeks 17 hours
  • Taipei
    Hi there I am considering going to teach abroad for a year from next year. I know a few friends in South Korea and China, but was wondering about...
    1 | 23 weeks 16 hours
  • Ireland
    Hello My name is Pravesh, and I have been offered a job at a IT company in Dublin. I was wondering - is this a good idea? I know it will be very...
    1 | 24 weeks 16 hours
  • Dubai
    I am a student looking to study in university in Dubai. I have two questions. One is, can I study in Dubai on a work permit? The second one is, what...
    1 | 23 weeks 6 days

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