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  • Abu Dhabi
    is it necessary to get work permit visa before entering Abu Dhabi
    4 | 26 weeks 5 days
  • Cuba
    Do any American expats have banking experiences and tips to share?
    2 | 27 weeks 5 days
  • Bucharest
    Hello, I came to Bucharest last year and started working as a volunteer at a school. I then received a temporary residence permit to live and...
    5 | 18 weeks 2 days
  • Italy
    I have defense contractor presently living near a military base in Sigonella Italy. With all the proper documentation, can he apply for a work visa...
    21 | 8 weeks 2 days
  • United Arab Emirates
    Hello experts. I am Sunil from Nepal. . I was terminated from my hotel in Qatar 3 months ago in indisciplinery action.I do not have any criminal...
    4 | 16 weeks 2 days
  • Czech Republic
    Hi, I've been thinking of moving to the Czech Republic. I am English with a Czech wife. My only concern at the moment is kids. I have 3 aged 12,...
    1 | 28 weeks 1 day
  • Russia
    Hi everyone, I'm a Tunisian and my wife is Russian. Since we have kids now, we decided to move to Russia. I use to work in the Middle East...
    1 | 28 weeks 2 days
  • Barcelona
    We are thinking about moving to Barcelona from the UK mainly for a warmer climate. I have many questions if anyone has the time to help. So here we...
    2 | 28 weeks 1 day
  • Bahrain
    What steps do i need to take in order to become a self-employed driver in Bahrain. I would also like to bring my wife and child along to live as a...
    Zero | 28 weeks 3 days
  • Bahrain
    If i buy my own 18 seater minibus in Manama, Bahrain. How much can i earn per month?
    1 | 28 weeks 2 days
  • China
    Opportunity has come up - that if successful - would mean being located in Beijing. Have read horror stories about pollution. My dilemma is - live in...
    5 | 27 weeks 1 day
  • Romania
    Hi, I'm going to Romania in February next year, and I would like to prepare myself and find an affordable way of learning to speak Romanian (...
    4 | 27 weeks 2 days
  • Dubai
    I have been given a fine and a deportaion order from the courts . I am a resident and sponsor my wife . Can anyone exp,ain what i have to do ? Do i...
    5 | 17 weeks 2 days
  • Malawi
    Hi, Is there anyone who has experience as an expat in Malawi? A friend and I have an opportunity to do volunteer work out there over the university...
    1 | 28 weeks 12 hours
  • Indonesia
    HI, I am Sophea, from Cambodia, just moved into Jakarta. I am renting a house but it is not furnished. I am wondering if any expats are moving and...
    2 | 22 weeks 5 days
  • Taiwan
    I am planning to teach in Taiwan and already have my work permit from the school that hired me. Unfortunately, it's a rather arduous process and...
    1 | 28 weeks 5 days
  • Sweden
    Hello I am a single parent with a 7yr old son from India. I am planning to move to Sweden for at least 3-4 years or even permanently if my work...
    Zero | 28 weeks 6 days
  • Riyadh
    I will be moving from the USA to Riyadh, what is monthly rent and any leads for places with a roommate?
    9 | 27 weeks 5 days
  • Madrid
    Our family is hoping to relocate to Spain for the 2017-2018 academic year with a 9 year old and a 5 year old. Since we will only be there for one...
    1 | 28 weeks 5 days
  • Melbourne
    I recently accepted a job in Melbourne with a private hospital. They are organising my visa (457) through a law firm so that should come through...
    5 | 17 weeks 8 hours

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