Moving to Beijing

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A short walk around Beijing is like opening a time capsule into Chinese history: the Forbidden City inspires images of ancient dynasties, Tiananmen Square acts as a reminder of the defining years of Chinese repression, and new Olympic buildings serve as elegant and defining symbols of China’s arrival on the world stage.
Moving to Beijing
As with many Chinese cities, moving to Beijing is exciting because of its recent role as a prime player in the spotlight of the international business stage. It is also the political and cultural centre of all of China.

As Beijing's economy shakes off government regulation, international companies vie to hold on, and expats and locals alike dig in deep to bear the burden of the metropolis’ sky-high cost of living. Yet for all of the furious development and sprawling districts, central Beijing is also steeped in ancient architecture and impressive centres of government, providing a sobering counterpoint to the city’s capitalist frenzy.
Expats usually need to make adjustments to an environment that isn't always as accommodating as other international cities. Large cultural hurdles can make foreign nationals feel ostracised from the Chinese. Simultaneously, the city's density can feel claustrophobic. Terrible pollution and frenetic traffic add to many expats' frustrations.

The city's size is staggering. Beijing encompasses an enormous 6,500 square miles (16,800 sq km) and is home to more than 22 million people. The sheer magnitude has consequently created smaller city-like districts within Beijing, from expat suburb communities to expansive, shapeless developments.

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