Healthcare in Vienna

Expats moving to Vienna can rest assured that when it comes to their health they will be well catered for as Austria boasts one of the best healthcare systems in Europe.

Due to contributions made through their taxes, everyone living and working in the city is entitled to public healthcare in Vienna because of contributions made through their taxes. As a result of this and the excellent standard of public healthcare, most people do not need to invest in private health insurance policies when moving to Austria.

However, expats who have the option of private healthcare as part of the employment package should take up this incentive as it allows them access to a greater number of services and shorter waiting times.

Pharmacies are well stocked and readily available in Vienna. They can be found along any major shopping street, mall or located close to a hospital.

Expats will have plenty of choices when it comes to public hospitals in Vienna. 

Hospitals in Vienna

Below is a list of prominent hospitals in Vienna:


Vienna General Hospital

Tel: +43 1 404000


Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Floridsdorf

Tel: +43 1 275220


Krankenhaus Hietzing

Tel: +43 1 8011011


Kaiser Franz Josef Spital

Tel: +43 1 601910


Otto Wagner Spital und Pflegezentrum

Tel: +43 1 910600


Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung

Tel: +43 1 711650

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