When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who are living there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Nigeria and would like to share your story.

Vena Namukasa is an American who relocated to Nigeria in 2015 with her husband.  She shares her experiences of meeting people, being safe and other perceptions about life in Nigeria.  Read more about her experience in Nigeria here.

Clementine Wallop is a British expat who lived with her husband in Singapore before moving out to Nigeria in 2014. Both journalists, they decided to relocate to the city of Abuja to add variety to their lives and Clementine now works as a freelance writer and consultant and says she's enjoying getting to know the friendly people in her new home. Read more about her expat experiences in Nigeria.

British expat in Nigeria

Kim Kloppers is a South African expat who moved to Nigeria with her husband and son in 2013. They live in the southwestern Nigerian city of Ibadan and moved there due to her husband’s job. Learn more about her expat experiences in Nigeria.

Kim Kloppers - A South African expat living in Nigeria

Ann is a British expat living in Abuja. She initially moved to Nigeria with her husband, who subsequently returned to the UK. Ann loves every aspect of her life in Nigeria and has no intention of returning to her country of birth. Read about her expat life in Nigeria.

Ann - A British expat living in Nigeria

Keli is an American expat living in Lagos with her husband and young daughter. She is slowly finding her way in this bustling and exciting African city. Read about what she has to say about her expat life in Nigeria.

Keli - An American expat living in Lagos

Meredith Salinas is an American expat who lived in Lagos with her husband and two children for three years. Although now back in the States, Meredith looks back on her expat life in Nigeria with fondness and shares some of her insights about life in this West African country.

Meredith Salinas - An American expat in Nigeria

Anvaya Ingle, an Indian living in Nigeria, sheds some light on all the misconceptions expats often hold about this notoriously troublesome country. She talks about the thriving Indian community, and what expats moving from the subcontinent should come to expect from life in Lagos.

Anvaya - an Indian expat living in Lagos

Celia Jarvis is an expert on international public relations and has developed a thorough understanding of Nigeria in her time living and working here. Read about her take on expat life in Nigeria and her ongoing love affair with this hugely underrated expat destination.

expat nigeria

Josephine, a British expat living in Lagos, has yet to scrape the city's surface; but thus far, she describes life in Nigeria as far better than expected. For those who feel like their upcoming transition to Nigeria is about as concrete as a crystal ball's prediction, reading what Josephine has to say is a great way to see what settling into life in Lagos is really like.

Josephine - A British Expat in Nigeria

Susan Cooke is a British governess who left the Queen's island over thirty years ago for life in the expatriate sphere. Having just moved from Cairo, Egypt, to Abuja, Nigeria, she reflects on the differences between the two African countries, and gives expats some insight into what they can expect from living in Nigeria.

susan cooke - an british expat living in nigeria

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