Address: 21 South End Ave, New York, NY 10280
Telephone: +212 235 2320
Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: Montessori
Ages: 1 to 6

What the school says

"Battery Park Montessori, located at 21 South End Avenue in Battery Park City, is New York’s first trilingual Montessori school, offering Spanish and Mandarin language exposure. Our Montessori-trained teachers nurture each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, academic, and physical needs, fostering their independence, natural curiosity, and problem-solving abilities. Partnered with Learning Beautiful’s hands-on, tactile, and age-appropriate materials, students are introduced to STEM and coding without ever touching a computer."


"In an authentic Montessori programme, the child, environment and teacher create a learning triangle. Dr Maria Montessori and researchers since have found that when children work in such environments – ones where the parameters are clear and where teachers respect children’s developmental differences and interests – there is a sense of trust, which allows deep concentration and learning to take place.

"At Battery Park Montessori, we pay close attention to how we foster these skills in our children. We often discuss the nature of the materials and how we could present them to maximise a child’s stamina and concentration, as we recognise that skills such as attention and sustained focus are paramount to a child’s learning.

"The teaching and learning of languages is also towards that end. Learning more than one language, particularly during a child’s sensitive period to sounds, has a profound effect on the plasticity of a child’s brain. The back and forth between sounds promotes the categorisation of those sounds within the brain and enhances mental flexibility. Like a muscle, the more one 'toggles' back and forth between languages, the stronger the muscle gets. These repeated opportunities for practice allow for both language and executive function skills to become sharper.

"To learn more about how we maintain the integrity of the Montessori programme with our languages, please see our Trilingual Montessori Language Programme."


Fees for the 2023/2024 school year are USD 45,500 Nursery Ones and USD 44,940 for all other grades. There is an application fee of USD 100 and tuition payments can be made in one, two or nine instalments.

From the head of school

"I invite you to come and see how our children thrive in a space prepared and guided by teachers that strive to meet the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of each child. Our teachers are all trained in the Montessori philosophy and method, have a deep understanding of childhood development, and possess a sincere love of and respect for children. Their warmth, positivity, and welcoming demeanour are palpable, and they are undeniably exemplary role models for our children.

"I also invite you to witness how our children work in a programme which combines the time-tested Montessori Method with current brain and language acquisition research. As you watch our children joyfully buzz around the classroom, you will be left in awe at how they explore and question the world around them. You will see how our education encourages children to take their innate curiosity and develop the building blocks needed for a future where resourcefulness, initiative, global awareness, and collaboration will be paramount to everything we do.

"Lastly, I invite you to come in and see how our location enables our children to stay grounded in their natural environment. Battery Park Montessori’s neighbourhood is one of a kind and our children are fortunate enough to be in harmony with nature every day – whether it be riding a tricycle on our patio which overlooks the Hudson or planting seeds at our local urban farm plot."

– Anna Rita Pergolizzi-Wentworth, Head of School

From the parents

"We have been so impressed with the school and with our son's teachers. He seems to be getting on quite well and is learning a lot faster than we expected. We couldn't be any more pleased, and we're very glad that Aiden is at your school."

– Edgar & Rong, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents

"Just want to reach out to you to let you know that our children are really enjoying their time at school. It has been a joy to see them excited to go to school each day, and we take comfort in knowing that they are in the care of warm and nurturing teachers. Your team is doing such a great job. We appreciate everyone's hard work at Battery Park Montessori."

– Jackie & Doug, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents

"We have been thrilled with Asher's experience there thus far, as well as our family's generally – you have created a fantastic, nurturing environment with wonderful staff!"

– Jen & Michael, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents


A day in the life of a Battery Park Montessori student

Big picture parenting: effects of a Montessori education on your child

Further reading

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