Address: 25 Pine St, New York, NY 10005
Telephone: +212 235 2325
Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate
Ages: 1 to 12

What the school says

"We believe that every child is born a perfect learner. With enthusiastic curiosity, a tireless desire to problem-solve, and a fearless interest in new experiences. Our job as a school is to nourish those innate qualities by keeping in stride with resources, opportunities, models and challenges that encourage that instinctive desire to understand, grow and contribute.

"But no learner lives in a vacuum. The world moves and morphs at an increasing pace. So, it is also our responsibility as a school to look around and ahead, so that we are always aware of what the world will ask of our learners, what opportunities they are likely to find for expressing their particular interests and strengths, and what challenges they will face.

"Our Nursery/Twos-8th Grade academic programme is designed around these understandings, along with the fervent belief that learners should have a voice in their own learning and be invited and expected to reflect on their growth and increasingly make thoughtful decisions about their direction and priorities.

"We call this Student Agency, and it is fundamental to our school culture."


"We start our program with Preschool 2s (Nursery) and Preschool 3s by using Montessori and IB PYP (International Baccalaureate/ Primary Years Program) combined to build fundamental understandings and most importantly, skills of independence, inquiry and collaboration. We add a dose of Reggio Emilia to imbue the learning with art and creative expression.

"As students evolve from Preschool to Elementary, they move into a full PYP program where they are expected to become active participants in their own learning.

"Throughout Preschool and Elementary, we use the PYP as the framework for our curriculum, with teachers creating learning tasks where students actively explore concepts and connections through the lens of different subject areas. Students are encouraged to question, reflect and take action on their learning. Through the PYP, students develop critical thinking and communication skills, confidence, self-management, social skills and other attitudes and skills needed to succeed.

"At Pine Street School, we integrate academics fully into everything we do. We call this 'transdisciplinary' learning. Everything is connected. Subjects are taught in a transdisciplinary approach, which means that we make sure learners constantly see the connections among all academic subjects, and we make sure that all learning is relevant to the real and present world. We care deeply about developing basic skills like reading, writing and numeracy. These are the foundations upon which all other learning is built.

"Learners deserve better than worksheets and other one-dimensional tools. Plus, these simply will not properly prepare future changemakers. We embed basic skill development in a meaning-rich, relevant and multidimensional unit of inquiry. Learning is inherently exciting. Our job is to preserve that in everything the learner does."


Fees for the 2023/2024 school year range from USD 45,500 for Preschool Ones to USD 56,070 for Grade 6. There is an application fee of USD 100. 

Pine Street School's tuition is designed to be inclusive of everything needed for a complete Pine Street School education. Annual tuition includes books and materials, lunch, educational technology such as MacBooks and iPads, athletic uniforms, field trips, and transportation during the school day. Tuition payments can be made in one, two or nine instalments.

From the head of school

"I have enjoyed the great privilege of being the founding Head of School at Pine Street School, a truly unique school with offerings unlike any seen elsewhere in Manhattan and across much of the world. In 2014, we opened our doors with our youngest students and a passionate commitment to multilingualism, student agency, and future-oriented education.

"Our aim as a faculty and as a community is to create a secure, caring environment in which students optimise their development intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Students are encouraged to inquire, think critically, work collaboratively, and construct meaning, reflect and take action, all the while having their natural curiosity in the world around them stimulated.

"We seek to give all our students the opportunity to experience a unique international education and to acquire the personal attributes, outlook and knowledge that will equip them to play an active part in the construction of tomorrow’s world. We encourage open communication among students, parents and teachers in a school climate that fosters the continued development of international understanding. We value parents as key players in this rigorous and inspiring learning experience.

"I look forward to sharing the Pine Street School experience with you and your children, and welcome you to discover the brilliant and forward-thinking benefits of the International Baccalaureate approach."

– Eileen Baker, Pine Street School Head of School

From the parents

"I expected the world from Pine Street School, and from day one, that is exactly what has been delivered."

– Christopher, Pine Street School parent, child in Preschool, Mandarin

"We have been so impressed with the school and with our son's teachers. He seems to be getting on quite well and is learning a lot faster than we expected. We couldn't be any more pleased, and we're very glad that Aiden is at your school."

– Edgar & Rong, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents

"It is with our deepest gratitude to you and Green Ivy that I write this note about how Pine Street and BPM have helped our son in his education, personal development and awareness of his community. We have seen him mature and grow so much with your support.

"As you may know, HKIS in Hong Kong is extremely competitive and one of the key acceptance criteria to HKIS is an assessment of our son with the admissions committee. While in HK this May, HKIS met with him and completed the assessment. He performed very well, and I attribute his success to the training he received from Pine Street and BPM. He was extremely confident, felt at home in the school environment, was able to communicate with the committee with clear thoughts and answers to their questions, and expressed himself as himself. All of this was possible due to his training with you. And I am extremely thankful that we decided to send him to BPM and Pine Street."

"We feel part of the family and community with Green Ivy, and we can't thank you enough for the continued support and love you provide to our son. I wish we had more time to also send our younger son to your school."

– Yuman & Justine, Green Ivy parents


A day in the life of an elementary student

Further reading

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