Healthcare in Rome

Healthcare in Rome reflects that of greater Italy. Both public and private healthcare options are available, and most locals opt for a combination of both.

While the quality of public healthcare services is generally good and doctors are usually highly trained and knowledgeable, the quality of treatment in public facilities is undermined by an inefficient and underfunded bureaucracy. In addition, the degree of comfort supplied in the public healthcare sector is far below that of the private sector.

Despite the presence of a solid public healthcare system in Italy, many centres offering private treatment are available all over the country, Rome including. These are often preferred by expats as private facilities offer the privacy and creature comforts that the public sector foregoes.

This comes with a hefty price tag, however, and expats planning to regularly use private doctors, clinics and hospitals should be sure to obtain private health insurance to help them foot the bill. 

Private hospitals in Rome

Salvator Mundi International Hospital

Address: Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, 67, 00152 Rome


Rome American Hospital

Address: Via Emilio Longoni, 83, 00155 Rome


Aurelia Hospital

Via Aurelia, 860, 00165 Rome


Grimaldi Medical Group

Via Velletri, 24, 00198 Rome


International Medical Center

Via Firenze, 47, 00184 Rome

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