Prospective residents of Glasgow will discover that the city has a huge variety of housing options available for both renting and purchasing. Most expats opt to rent rather than buy accommodation in Glasgow, at least initially. The good news is that Glasgow tends to be a good choice for those looking to make the most out of a relatively tight budget.

Types of accommodation in Glasgow

As is the case with many similarly sized cities affected by urban sprawl, there are certain types of property associated with particular districts and neighbourhoods.

Many areas close to the city centre contain a lot of tenements, most of which have been updated and modernised. More modern apartment buildings are interspersed throughout the city, and often make for an affordable option for newly arrived expats.

Outside of the city centre, the suburbs tend to be more family oriented with traditional housing options and are often populated by those who commute to work every day. Many of these housing estates have a cookie-cutter design serving a more functional role, while the older areas have character homes either custom-built or of an older design – and are often larger and more expensive.

Much of Glasgow's rental accommodation is offered fully furnished, which is a great option for those who may be waiting for overseas shipments or those starting over in their new location with no household belongings. If expats prefer to bring or buy their own furniture, it's usually fairly easy to arrange for unfurnished accommodation.

Finding accommodation in Glasgow

There are several resources available to expats looking for accommodation in Glasgow, including online property portals and local newspapers. Social-networking sites such as Facebook can be useful for connecting to other expats who might have recommendations on areas or information on upcoming vacancies.

Expats may also want to make use of the services of a letting agent, as these professionals have extensive knowledge of the various areas and types of housing available in Glasgow and can offer advice and guidance throughout the process of finding a home.

Renting accommodation in Glasgow


Once an expat has found a suitable property, they'll need to submit an application. References and credit checks will usually be required to ensure that the tenant can afford the cost of renting. Sometimes confirmation of employment and income is enough proof of this, but expats may be asked to secure a guarantor.


The typical deposit is the equivalent of one or two months' rent, with two months being the legal maximum.


The standard length of a lease is six or 12 months. Before signing, expats should ensure that they understand the lease agreement fully, including the terms and conditions associated with the rental.


When budgeting, expats should make sure they're clear on what's included in the rental price and what isn't. Usually, council tax and utilities are at an additional cost to the tenant.

For more detail see Setting up Household Utilities in the UK

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