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on 26 Oct 2015

I'm an American academic who will be moving to Scotland for 12-18 months in January/February 2016 to complete an international research project. While my work will take me all over Scotland and Northern England, I'm considering Glasgow as a base of operations. All visa, NIH and banking details are already taken care of, so at this point I am just looking for advise on interesting areas within the city to live. My work requires that I travel periodically, but would prefer NOT to purchase a car therefore reasonable access to public transportation and the international airport is good. I would like to fully experience living in Glasgow and considering a small flat near the University. I can afford nicer lodgings but have very simple tastes and willing to sacrifice upscale living for interesting neighborhoods. I don't plan on having a car, but using my bicycle and the SPT. I'm early 40's, single, so like a little social life, but too old for constant noise and nightlife near the Uni. I would welcome any recommendations on: - Neighborhoods with interest and character - Average cost of small flat (1 bedroom) - Any specific financial details required to rent in Glasgow - Any advice of living in the city and getting around on bicycle and bus/subway. - Don't watch television, but will need good Internet. Any advice on cost effective Mobile Phone AND home internet service. Basically, any advise on setting up home for a year. Many Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified) on 16 Nov 2015 - 15:09
Thanks Alex. I have emailed Sue per your suggestion! Cheers, Ken
Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Oct 2015 - 06:50

Our Glasglow guide is not the most extensive of guides, therefore I would like to direct you to an expat who has been living in Glasglow for a year now, and may be able to offer some valuable answers to your questions. 

Here is a link to her question, where you can get in touch with her.

Kind regards,

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