Qatar is consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world, offering residents and visitors alike a sense of security that is unparalleled in many other regions. This high safety rating is attributed to the country's low crime rate, stringent law enforcement and comprehensive security measures that protect against a range of safety concerns, from petty theft to road accidents.

To maintain this enviable level of safety, authorities in Qatar enforce strict regulations and offer guidelines aimed at minimising risks for everyone. Travellers and expats are advised to acquaint themselves with local laws and customs, use only regulated taxi services and exercise caution in areas prone to demonstrations or when conditions such as sandstorms could impact visibility and safety.

Crime in Qatar

Although uncommon, crime in Qatar that impacts foreign visitors is mainly petty and includes unarmed opportunistic theft, commercial and residential burglary, and theft from unattended vehicles. The Qatar police force is effective in safeguarding locals and expats alike and provides a high standard of security. They are highly visible and capable.

Financial fraud is a concern in Qatar, and expats are strongly advised to take precautions in their financial dealings. Though credit and debit card fraud occur, the overall threat is no higher than in most Western cities.

Expat women should also take care if out alone at night and ensure they travel in properly registered taxis.

Protests in Qatar

There have been reports of protests related to labour conditions in Qatar. In the last decade, unfair treatment, poor working conditions and low wages of unskilled migrant workers have given rise to more and more protests surrounding these issues. In 2022, hundreds of migrant workers protested delayed wages and poor working conditions, with some workers reporting wage delays of up to five months. 

It’s important to follow local news and steer clear of large demonstrations where possible.

Road safety in Qatar

The most significant safety threat to expats in Qatar is road travel. Traffic fatalities are among the leading causes of death in the country. Speeding, disobeying basic traffic laws and poor driving standards are often blamed for the high accident rate. Qatar has implemented measures such as increasing fines for traffic violations, introducing a new electronic traffic management system, and launching a campaign to educate drivers about road safety.

Poor visibility during sandstorms also poses threats to drivers, and when travelling out to the desert, it’s best to travel in a group in vehicles with four-wheel drive. In a sandstorm, drivers are advised to reduce their speed, use headlights and avoid sudden manoeuvres on the road.

When driving in Qatar, we strongly urge expats to be vigilant and aware of other vehicles and always abide by the rules of the road. In the event of an accident, seek emergency healthcare assistance by dialling 999 for an ambulance.

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