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Posted by taylor1
on 25 Jun 2020

What is it really like to live in Qatar? I know that there have been so many changes leading up to the 2022 FIFA football world cup and that the country is developing and modernising its services at an exceptionally rapid pace. Does this affect normal living, like is there lots of noise with construction, does it affect traffic/roadworks? On that note, what is the best and most convenient way to get around Doha? Should I hire a car or just get around using taxis or Uber in the capital city?

Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Jul 2020 - 07:51

Hi Taylor,

Yes you are correct, Qatar and Doha especially have been upgrading their buildings, constructing new ones, including developing the city of Lusail for the world cup and beyond. Hearing about a country from afar can paint a completely different image to how it is in reality, so it's great that you're asking. Are you planning on moving to Doha or elsewhere in Qatar soon? 

I recommend you take a look at our Moving to Qatar and Moving to Doha guides. They are full of the essential information you would need to know, including culture shock and lifestyle. 

You ask to what extent does construction in Doha affect daily life? Well, expats have reported the breakneck speed at which the city is developing, and issues have mainly been in terms of getting new sites and roads added to updated maps, and how quickly things change, such as if they leave the country for a holiday and come back to find something new in their neighbourhood.

One of the most common ways of getting around is by car, and you can rent and buy a car in Doha, or travel by taxi. Taxis are publicly managed in Doha, and Uber also operates there, though the costs are reportedly very similar. Although COVID-19 regulations in Qatar may have affected public transport in various ways, including timetables, there is normally a bus in the capital city, and the recently built (and expanding) metro are also convenient options. Have you read our Getting around in Doha page? It gives more detailed info on transport and driving in Doha and elsewhere in Qatar.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions about Qatar!

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