Avoiding quarantine when importing your pet to Singapore

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By Stephanie - Posted on
01 September 2011
Is there any way to avoid quarantine for your pet in Singapore? I want to bring Ruffles, my 10-year-old bulldog with me, and I just know he's not going to take to life in a cage for 30 days very kindly. He's tempermental as is, but I can't bear the thought of parting with him - he's part of the family.
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Unless "Ruffles" is from Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Ireland you're not going to able to avoid quarantine in Singapore. It's a necessary evil, and the Singaporeans are strict when it comes to enforcing laws. If you decide to bring him, make sure he has an ISO microchip, the proper vaccination records, and external and internal parasite treatments prior to departure. Also, you'll need to book quarantine space about three months before you leave, and apply for an import permit from the AVA. For more information read the Expat Arrivals Shipping and Removals to Singapore page.
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We brought our own dogs from South Africa two months ago and they had to do the 30 days stint. I had the same reservations and in hindsite I can say it really was not a problem. The dogs were fine, got walked everyday and visiting is allowed except for Sundays. The Sembawang Quarantine facility is top notch, clean and the dogs stay in air-conditioned kennels. The staff is very friendly and when you get there the first time they will assist you. We used a door to door company called Pets en Transit who handles all the formalities and paperwork. I think we missed them more than they missed us and within an hour back with us they were up to their old tricks. Carefull consideration regarding what accomodation you will require. Does your dog need a garden ?

I definitely would not try and cut corners on this one. Look them up on the web.
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Really? I find that hard to believe.

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Anyone tried bringing cats into Singapore?I live in italy, and i would to bring my cat over. I heard there is a lot of rules on the quaratine procedures . Is there anyway I can avoid that?
And any ideal which airline has the best services for transporting pets with me ( not cargo). Thanks lots.

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