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on 29 Jan 2015
I am planning to move to Turkey and buy a property there. Once I have a property I will apply for a residence permit. I am told that this should be fine. My question is, once I have my residence permit in Turkey, can I obtain a work visa and work in my own bar(I intend to buy a small bar)? I want to work in my own bar in Turkey, is this possible? Are there specific requirements? I am financially secure, I worked straight away after I finished school, so I have accumulated a lot of money. Furthermore, I have never had any problems with the law. I am a Christian from Egypt originally.
sinpamal on 30 Jan 2015
for more details then, we just need to arrange you a work visa ok then with that you can work with no problem and open what ever business you like ok,get to us for details ok contact us on Skype freedom.solutions1