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on 1 Sep 2011
I'll be coming to Singapore, as - gulp - a trailing spouse and I'm desperate to find some kind of work to fill my time. I used to be a part-time software designer, but I promise, that doesn't make me asocial. I'm open to anything, volunteer work, committee chairing, or freelance stuff. Can anyone recommend any good resources that I can consult to find something?
Stephanie on 1 Sep 2011
Well, you certainly won't be alone. There's tons of trailing spouses (the name does take some getting used to) in Singapore, and you'll likely quickly find some fantastic people to share your time with. If you're looking to work the best way to find a position is through networking or the  CRCE: Career Resource Centre for Expatriates. Otherwise, if you want a formal job it probably won't be too difficult to find as long as you have at least a bachelor's degree and some good work experience. Check out the Sraits Times for positions as well as any Singaporean online job sites.