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on 27 Aug 2013
I am renting an apartment in Vienna while attending University. Just had an inspection of the gas heater. Inspector refuses to turn it back on. He said it was too old and dangerous because it was emitting dangerous gas into the air. Also he said the heather was installed incorrectly and it was pathetic. My landlord only provided me with his email. What can I do about this situation if the landlord won't work with me or help in anyway. The apartment is FREEZING in the winter months and now I have no gas to heat water with or eventually heat this apartment with. Please let me know who to contact so the landlord doesn't take advantage of me. Do I have any renter's rights? Thank you, Nickee
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Aug 2013
Please contact Vienna Ex Pat Centre There are organisations which support tenants, and they are very effective. The Ex Pat Centre will put you in touch with them. By the way the regulations here are quite strict so you should not have a problem securing your rights.
Xavier on 28 Aug 2013
Hi Nickee

Hopefully one of our expats in Austria will get back to you soon. Failing that, have a look at this page on the HELP website, specifically geared towards foreigners who are renting. You can also possibly have a look at our Accommodation in Vienna and our Renting a Property in Vienna page in particular, to see if there's anything of use there.

Good luck, dress warmly and stay healthy

Xavier on 29 Aug 2013
Dear Nickee,

The gentleman who sent that answer is Stephen, one of our expats in Austria and you would do well to follow his advice. You can see his interview with us here.

What he didn't add here but told me is that you should ask for Herr Mag. Frederick Bruckner at the organization he sent you a link for.

Best of luck!