How soon can I get a job in Taiwan after landing?

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16 August 2012
My BFF went over to Taiwan with her company and wants me to go over there as well - my question is do I need to find a job first or can I just go over on a tourist visa and stay with her for a while I look for a job? How easy is it to find a job if I don't speak Taiwanese and can I change my visa while I'm there - is this a feasible way to go about it? Thanx!
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Hi Kate

In nutshell, yes, Taiwan is one of those places where you can convert your tourist visa to a residence visa in country. The process is straightforward. It might take you a few weeks to find something but if you set your mind to it it is possible to do it before your cash runs out!

The ESL industry is big in Taiwan any many young English teachers go over on a two-month or three-month tourist visa and find work. You will have to find work before your visa runs out, as you need an employer to get the ball rolling and apply for a work permit on your behalf.

What nationality are you? If you're (say) British, you don't need a tourist visa to enter the country for stays of up to three months, but weirdly you will need to be on a tourist visa in order to change to a work permit. This just means that once you've found a job, you will need to exit the country and re-enter on a visa. Hong Kong is popular for this. If you're South African, you will need a visa to enter the country - you can apply at the Taipei Liaison Office in Pretoria, where turnaround is quite quick :)

You will need a return air ticket, proof of sufficient funds, and a letter from your friend to prove you have a place to stay in Taiwan.

See Work permits for Taiwan and Visas for Taiwan for more info - also, have a look at Teaching English in Taiwan for more information about what you're in for :)
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Hi Kate,

Its probably best to try and secure a job before you get to Taiwan as you need an employer to act as a sponsor to obtain a work permit. 

You didn't say what type of industry you have experience in. There are lots of job opportunities in the sectors like IT, finance, design and marketing. However, companies in Taiwan often look for people with lots of experience and a high level of education in these fields.

The other option that a lot of expats go for when moving to Taiwan is teaching english. There are plenty of opportunities in this area and you don't always need a TEFL qualification either. Many schools are keen to assist you in the process of getting a work visa. 

Not speaking the local language shouldn't pose too much of a problem but if you are keen to learn Mandarin, it can often be a good way of getting your foot in the door. 

Best of luck in your job hunt and move to Taiwan.

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