How to receive pay from a employer in Nigeria?

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By Curtis Muscatello - Posted on
27 March 2014

I know this women who is working in Nigeria and she not a citizen of Nigeria and she is not a US citizen ether...she will not get paid for the job untill it's finished but she needs money to buy work supplies and pay bills....can she receive money from other peoples banks in nigeria and how can she receive her pay from her employer when the job is done?...she has a nigeria id card so what does she need to do to open a bank account over their?...thanks curtis

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Hi Curtis,

Its a bit difficult to answer your question without knowing more details. Where is the lady from? Does she have a work permit? How is she legally allowed to remain in Nigeria?

Most expats in Nigeria find it is better to have their salary paid into a foreign bank account, rather than going to the trouble of opening a local one. Transcation fees on foreign bank accounts are high though. You can read more detail about this on the Banking, Money and Taxes for Nigeria page.

Please let me know if you need more help.


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Nigeria???? Do you think they will pay you?????

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Nigeria is safe for working and nigerian people are friendly & understanding as the collgue?

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