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Posted by Shivang
on 25 Feb 2016
I get a offer from a company in Lagos Nigeria with 4000$ per month, accommodation, Car, Driver etc, my visa is all ready done, is this amount is sufficient there to survive as on internet while searching shows that lagos is very expensive. Is it a good salary.
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Feb 2016
Yes it is very good.
Catherine on 30 Mar 2016
hi Shivang, you're right in saying that Lagos is an expensive city. Whether this salary is enough to sustain you (and your family, if you're taking them with you) will largely depend on your lifestyle and personal expenses - for an idea of what you can expect to pay for your basic goods adn services, have a look at our Cost of Living in Nigeria page, which is based on prices in Lagos.
Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Jul 2016
ive been offered ajob in lagos offshore for $22500 a month can you tell me if its ok ??
Stephen bowie on 2 Mar 2017
Hi i have been offered a jod with Fenog Nigeria Limited. I will be satying in fenog staff estate and have security team to pick me up from airport. I have seen posts about not paying money up front. The comoany are paying for flights accomadation and visa/sponsorship i have been asked to pay 300USD for an oath of good conduct and nigerian police clearence. Would you say this is the norm for a comoany? Also how safe would i be as i am scottish. I am aware that i need to be cautios as i would be in any city for the first time but i have been hearing of kidnapping and all that sort. Can any one help please

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