Expats moving to South Africa can look forward to finding an abundance of reasonably priced, comfortable housing options. Whether relocating to Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else in the country, the range, quality and affordability of accommodation will make adjusting to life on the African continent that much smoother.

Most expats rent accommodation at least initially while they get to know the various areas and suburbs of their new city. Expats looking to settle down for good will be able to purchase property fairly easily as there are no property-ownership restrictions for foreigners in South Africa.

Types of accommodation in South Africa

The country has a vast selection of rental accommodation. The standard of accommodation in South Africa varies in direct proportion to income but is generally quite high.

On the whole, houses are more spacious than in most European countries, and finding relatively inexpensive properties with big gardens and swimming pools isn't uncommon. The South African institution of braaiing (barbecuing) ensures that most properties have some kind of outdoor entertainment area.


In South Africa, apartment buildings are known as blocks of flats. Individual apartments can be multi-roomed or may take the form of bachelor or studio apartments with one main room acting as a living area, bedroom and kitchenette.

Freestanding houses

Mostly found in the suburbs, freestanding houses are favoured by families for the indoor and outdoor space they afford. Though pricier than other types of accommodation, freestanding houses offer space, comfort and privacy.


Townhouses, rowhouses, and semi-detached houses are all terms used to refer to compact multi-storey homes that are joined to an adjacent house on either one or both sides. These usually have small gardens and are more affordable than large freestanding houses.

Security complexes

Security complexes, also known as gated communities, are secure housing developments with controlled entry. Complexes typically have a variety of housing types, ranging from apartments to townhouses to standalone family homes. There are also often shared facilities such as communal pools, outdoor braai areas, parks and clubhouses.

Garden cottages

Also known as granny flats, these small homes can be found on the properties of larger freestanding houses. They typically have a studio-style open-plan layout, sometimes with the addition of a separate bedroom.

Finding accommodation in South Africa

When looking for accommodation in South Africa, many make use of local estate agents. This is a useful approach for expats especially, as estate agents can guide them through the rental process. Much of the legwork of renting accommodation is done by real estate agents, including picking out listings, arranging viewings and setting up a contract.

For those who prefer to go it alone, there are also listings in a number of local newspapers and on various online property portals.

Renting accommodation in South Africa


Once a potential tenant finds a place they wish to rent, they will need to fill out an application form. They will also be asked to submit proof of identity (such as a passport) and proof of income.


If the application is successful, the next step is that the tenant will be required to pay the first month of rent upfront, along with a deposit of one or two months' rent. At the end of the rental period, the tenant will receive the deposit back in full as long as the property is returned without any damages.


Leases are typically signed on a one-year renewable basis. It may be possible to rent for a shorter period, but this is generally more expensive and can be limiting in terms of what's available.


Utilities like electricity and water are not usually included in the rental price, so expats should ensure that they plan for this extra expense in their monthly budget.

Home security

Home security in South Africa is a concern; however, it often isn't as paralysing a preoccupation as some might imagine it to be. While opportunistic and sometimes violent crime occurs in South Africa, taking consistent common-sense precautions lowers the chance of being an easy target.

When viewing a potential new home, expats should ensure there are adequate security measures including burglar bars, security gates and an alarm system. Glass sliding doors are particularly vulnerable points of entry so it's important that they are properly secured with a gate.

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