Lifestyle in Santiago

Santiago is a vibrant city with an active social scene and a number of world-class shopping malls and rustic markets. The city offers expats a multitude of entertainment options and is conveniently situated close to vineyards, the beach and the Andes ski slopes.

Santiago is also making its mark on the international scene. This is clear from the number of musicians that choose to perform there, as well as the variety of art exhibitions in the city.

Expats moving to Santiago can expect a range of activities to be available, ranging from pottery classes and photography groups through to shopping, snowboarding and sun tanning.

Shopping in Santiago

Santiago is Chile’s shopping capital and most of the shopping malls in Santiago have a range of international stores and brands available. Most malls are air-conditioned, open until late, and offer free entertainment and a range of eating options.

Shopping enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Santiago is home to one of Latin America's largest shopping malls, Costanera Center. Other highlights include Alto Las Condes and Parque Arauco, both on Kennedy Avenue. Many of the high fashion stores, as well as great restaurants and art galleries, can be found in Alonso de Cordova and Nueva Costanera streets.

Expats looking for something special to send home might just find what they're looking for at Los Dominicos Handicraft Village, right next to the Los Dominicos metro station. Jewellery and other unique handmade items are available here at bargain prices. Other places to shop for gifts include Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, Patio Bellavista and Constitucion 8 in Barrio Bellavista.

Eating out in Santiago

While Chilean cuisine might not be as exciting as that of some of its regional neighbours, there is certainly something to suit everyone’s tastes in Santiago. With a long coastline, it goes without saying that seafood is popular and of an excellent quality. Chile is also known for its excellent wines, and expats can enjoy exploring the various vineyards around Santiago.

Barrio Bellavista and Providencia have a number of great drinking and eating out options for Santiago’s expats. Many expats also enjoy making the hour-long journey to the coastal town of Valparaíso for the cheap and delicious seafood on offer there.

Nightlife in Santiago

Santiago has a vibrant nightlife. Chileans generally start the party late so it’s not unusual to only have dinner at 10pm, then go to a bar or club afterwards and carry on until the early hours of the morning. 

Bellavista and Providencia are areas frequented by Santiago’s partygoing crowd due to their many restaurants and bars. The Vitacura and Suecia neighbourhoods are also popular nightlife spots with plenty of bars and clubs. Expats should be careful in these areas at night.

Sports and outdoor activities in Santiago

Expats living in Santiago will be perfectly placed to make the most of a diverse range of outdoor and sporting activities. Beautiful beaches lie just an hour drive away from the city. Those who prefer the cold will also be just a stone's throw away from the Andes mountain range and its many snow and ski lodges. 

Santiago also boasts an extensive network of bicycle and pedestrian paths along the Mapocho river, and there are a number of beautiful parks and green spaces scattered around the city for expats to enjoy. 

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