Keeping in touch with friends and family back home isn't a challenge for expats living in Hong Kong. Famous for being a fast-paced business hub, options for communication in Hong Kong are endless. Internet, mobile phones, telephones and postal services are available and easily accessible.

Telecommunications in Hong Kong are of the most sophisticated in the world and come with high-quality service and affordable prices. 

Internet in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is well-connected, and internet access is available almost everywhere via broadband, cable, DSL and fibre. If expats are worried about dealing with frustratingly slow speeds, they'll be happy to learn that internet speed in Hong Kong is among the fastest in the world.

There are thousands of public WiFi hotspots throughout the region. Setting up internet at home is just as easy. Although most apartments do not come with internet included as part of the rent, the subscription process is simple and there are several reputable providers to choose from. Packages vary, and some internet service providers will charge based on usage rather than a flat monthly fee, so it's a good idea to shop around.

Internet censorship in Hong Kong

Although this is slowly changing with the possible legislation of new security laws, Hong Kong has very little internet censorship compared to mainland China. Apart from the distribution of certain incriminating materials, including obscene or pirated materials, expats are largely free to access most websites.

Mobile and landline phones in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an extremely high cellphone density rate. Expats spending an afternoon out will quickly notice that if someone is old enough to talk, then they’re old enough to have a mobile phone in Hong Kong. Most people rely heavily on smartphone apps such as WhatsApp.

Phones are often given for free or at a reduced price when signing a new contract, and almost all plans in Hong Kong start on a two-year basis. Expats can easily sign a mobile contract, typically with nothing more than proof of address and identity, either in the form of a passport or Hong Kong ID card. 

For those wanting a mobile phone while in Hong Kong but not wanting to be bound to a plan, most companies also offer prepaid SIM card options, which can be bought from many convenience stores. Buying a SIM card locally will be the cheapest and easiest way to make calls. 

Landline telephones are not as common as mobile phones in Hong Kong but can be installed if needed. Most telephone landlines in Hong Kong are managed by PCCW, which will need to activate the line in order to use it. 

Postal services in Hong Kong

Postal services are very reliable in Hong Kong. If sending post within Hong Kong, it will generally be received within one working day. International shipping costs are reasonable and largely less expensive than in the US.

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English media and news in Hong Kong

English language newspaper by Nappy from Pexels

English media is readily available in Hong Kong. The Standard and The South China Morning Post are the most popular English-language newspapers, which circulate daily. There are several other English newspapers and magazines available in Hong Kong, and it also isn't difficult to find imported publications.

There is an abundance of cable television channels in Hong Kong. Cable television is cheap and leading companies offer the option to add on popular foreign channels for a nominal monthly fee.

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