Education and Schools in Delhi

Most expats prefer to have their children attend one of the international schools in New Delhi or in the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR), as the curricula and environments are familiar to foreign students. There are plenty of these options on offer, along with a healthy selection of private schools that use English as a teaching language.

Delhi and NCR schools are known to be some of the best in the country, so expats may find that the more popular institutions are flooded with applicants, and that admission is, therefore, difficult.

Parents should consider the travel time from home or work to the child's school when making their school choice. Traffic is congested in Delhi and the NCR, and making it from one area to the other can take over an hour, each way. Try and choose a school in close proximity to the home, or a home in close proximity to the school.

Private schools in New Delhi

Delhi is one of India's most prominent education hubs, and its private schools have a track record of producing great talent. One major advantage of living in Delhi is that private schools with Indian students are often taught in English.

Integrating expat students into Indian private schools can be a good opportunity for children to learn about the culture, languages and people of Delhi.

The disadvantages to Indian private schools are the limited number of available seats and the tedious admission process. For most parents, trying to get a seat into a prominent Indian school is a huge struggle, as typically, there will be far more applicants than available seats. Expat parents should also be aware that courses can be rigorous in Indian schools, and expat students are sometimes not as accustomed as Indian children to dealing with the relentless pressure to succeed.

International schools in New Delhi

One of the most pronounced advantages of international schools in New Delhi is that they maintain an expat's respective home country's teaching language and curriculum. This provides students who are geographically mobile with seamless continuity in their studies.

The range in tuition for international schools in Delhi varies widely, so it is best to visit the individual school websites for this information. Fees can be high, so expat parents lured abroad by an attractive employment package should try and negotiate an education allowance in their contract.

The availability of seats is limited in all schools, so it is best to start the admission process as soon as possible.

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