Shipping and Removals in Delhi

As in most major cities, there are many shipping and removal companies in Delhi offering complete relocation from almost anywhere in the world. However, expats are restricted to how much and what they can import from overseas duty-free, and it is often more cost efficient to buy new items in India.

Furthermore, a lot of accommodation comes fully or partly furnished, meaning it's often unnecessary for expats to bring a good portion of household items abroad.

On the flip side, though, many stunning pieces of art and furniture are cheap in India and may warrant major shipping back to one's home country. If purchasing expensive items, expats should take out shipping insurance and are advised to do so from a company other than the one used for shipping to ensure reliable coverage.

For smaller packages expats should consider air freight, which is more expensive but much quicker than the several weeks taken for sea routes. Pets can also be brought to India given their health papers are in order, but it is a good idea to use a pet relocation service to avoid customs hassles.

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