Moving to Munich

With a city motto like 'Munich Loves You', it shouldn’t be long before expats moving to Munich feel welcome in the Bavarian capital. With an exuberant mix of trendy shops and restaurants, bellowing beer halls and picturesque parks, it's easy to see why it attracts so many expats.

One of Germany's most prosperous cities, Munich is a centre for biotechnology and software development, attracting professional expats looking for high living standards and a chance to grow their careers. With its favourable business climate, it boasts one of the country's lowest unemployment rates and is home to some of its highest earners – the fleets of luxury vehicles on the Autobahn show that it's as much a place of style as it is of wealth.

There's plenty to see and do in Munich. It's rich in history and culture, and its events calendar is packed throughout the year. The city embraces modernity while preserving heritage, creating an atmosphere where small-town living meets high-tech innovation. It hosts numerous multinational business headquarters, but also features historical sites like the bustling Marienplatz, Maximilianstrasse, and the city's cultural epicentre in Maxvorstadt.

The standard of accommodation in Munich is excellent, although finding a suitable property can be difficult because demand often outstrips supply. Still, whether they're young professionals or devoted parents, expats are likely to find a suburb in Munich that suits them.

Expats living in Munich also have access to private and public healthcare. It's home to numerous surgical centres and specialised practitioners, and features some of the most advanced hospitals in the world. All expats working full-time in Munich are obliged to have health insurance.

No matter what expats are looking for in a city, they can find it here without compromise – while some cities have to rely on certain distinguishing features to make up for those that may be lacking, Munich has it all.

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