Education and Schools in Zurich

The system of education in Zurich has a good reputation, and expats can rest assured that their children will experience a high standard of teaching during their time abroad.

There's a good range of schools in Zurich. State-funded schools are free of charge but usually teach in Swiss German, while some private and international schools teach in English but can be expensive. Regardless of the school expat children attend, they're guaranteed to get a quality education. 

Public schools in Zurich

As is the case throughout Switzerland, public schools in Zurich offer free education to students between the ages of four and 15.

The language of instruction at public schools in Zurich is German, but there are also lessons in French and English. As such, these are only really a viable option for expat children who speak fluent German or those young enough to pick up the language. The standard of teaching at public schools in Zurich is, however, very good and therefore worth considering for those who plan on settling down in Switzerland permanently. 

It's also worth remembering that public schools in Zurich usually finish for the day in the early afternoon. So those who do go for this option should bear in mind the logistics of organising childcare if they are at work. 

Private schools in Zurich

Private schools in Zurich, also sometimes referred to as bilingual schools, offer teaching in German and French or English. The standard of teaching at these schools is top-class and there are plenty of opportunities for students to take part in various extra-curricular activities such as art, drama, music and sport. 

While many of these schools follow the Swiss curriculum, there are a large number that offer students the option of studying for the International Baccalaureate (IB) or IGCSE.

Private schools are an option worth considering if expat children speak two languages. The major advantage of private schools in Zurich is that they allow foreign students to improve their German and continue studying their home language while also providing them with the opportunity to interact with local Swiss children and integrate into the local culture. 

The fees charged vary from school to school. Parents also need to budget for the cost of uniforms, stationery, school excursions and extra-curricular activities. 

International schools in Zurich

International schools often present the best option for expat children in Zurich. While fees are high and space is limited, these schools offer students the chance to continue studying the curriculum of their home country without having to deal with the language barrier. The student population also tends to be made up mostly of expat children, who may find it easier to relate to one another.

Standards at international schools in Zurich are exceptionally high and students will have the chance to explore many extra-curricular pursuits as well. Fees are expensive, so it is wise to negotiate an allowance to cover for school fees in one's employment contract. 

Expats hoping to send their children to one of the international schools in Zurich should be aware that space is limited and there's a lot of competition for places. They should apply as early as possible, and since many schools have waiting lists, it's best to apply to several in case their first choice is unavailable. Requirements differ between schools, so parents should refer to the individual school websites.

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