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on 26 Mar 2013

I am from Nigeria and I have a friend who wants to invite me to the USA for a visit. Please tell me what documents I need to prepare and what documents she will need to send me ?


Catherine on 28 Mar 2013
Hi there, as a Nigerian citizen you'll need a visa to enter the USA. If you're going to be travelling there to visit your friend on holiday you'll need a visitor visa. As part of the visa application, you must prove that you are only intending to stay in the USA for the short term by showing evidence of funds to cover you expenses, evidence of compelling economic and social ties abroad and evidence that you have a residence outside of the USA. To read more about what you need for a US visas see our page on Visas for the USA.

I also suggest that you contact your nearest US embassy or consulate for the latest details and forms etc to start the application for your visa.