Transport and Driving in Taiwan

Taiwan is an interesting and beautiful place to travel around. The public transport system is reliable and easily accessible, so expats should have no problems getting around in Taiwan. 

Driving in Taiwan

Driving in Taiwan is difficult, due to the general lack of order. It is common for other drivers to disobey traffic laws and drive dangerously. In Taipei, traffic laws are enforced and driving there is safe and easy. However, outside of Taipei, this is generally not the norm.

Scooters tend to weave in and out of traffic, which can result in accidents. 

An international driver’s licence can be used in Taiwan, with some exceptions. Everything is based on reciprocity, so if Taiwanese can drive in an expat's country on an international licence then expats will be allowed to drive in Taiwan.

A driver’s licence isn’t difficult to get but all the study material is in Chinese. However, expats will be able to take the test in English.

Public transport in Taiwan


There are buses that travel almost every main street in Taiwan. They’re clean and safe and run often. Taking the bus in Taiwan is a practical and safe way to get around town inexpensively. Unfortunately, there are no provisions for getting on and off the bus if one is disabled and in a wheelchair.


Taxis are also inexpensive, and very comfortable. There is a special driving test for taxis and they are regulated by the government. There are two types of taxis: the professional government-regulated taxis and the unregulated 'wildcat' taxis. The yellow government-regulated taxis are generally considered safer, but the others are cheaper. The taxis will work with disabled people, to load and unload them from wheelchairs.


One can take the train easily from city to city. The trains run every ten minutes or so and are very cheap. The announcements are in both Mandarin and English, as are all the road signs. Most, but not all, train stations have easy access for disabled people.

For long-distance travelling, Taiwan has a high-speed rail system. In a little over two hours one can travel the whole length of the island. The train is very modern, but can be expensive. It is easily accessible for wheelchairs.

Air travel in Taiwan

There are two international airports in Taiwan; Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport for the northern part of the island and the other is Kaohsiung International Airport, which covers the southern part of the island. However, in many places there are local airports where one can book a flight to anywhere in Taiwan, including the islands out in the Strait of Taiwan.