Work Permits for Taiwan

Most expats moving to Taiwan will obtain a work permit through the help of an employer, which removes much of the stress and tension normally caused by this bureaucratic labyrinth.

Over the past decade, the country has made large strides to allow more leeway for international companies to fulfil their staffing needs with foreign nationals. The application process for work permits has been streamlined and many restrictions have been relaxed or even lifted for multinationals.

An employer must start the work permit process by applying with the Workforce Development Agency. For a list of required documents it is best to check the agency's website. 

Getting an Alien Resident Certificate in Taiwan

Once granted a work permit, the process for obtaining a residence visa and an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) can begin. Having an ARC means that an expat is a permanent resident and therefore entitled to National Health Insurance.

However, in order to become a legal permanent resident and receive an ARC, expats must fulfil the following criteria at a minimum:

Pass a health check (not necessary for those from visa waiver countries or in possession of a residence visa)

  • Have a work permit (which will be arranged by their employer)

  • Have a residence visa (which can be applied for from within Taiwan if one has entered the country on a visitor’s visa)

An ARC is issued for the same length of time as a work permit. As soon as an expat's work permit expires or if they leave their place of employment, an ARC will become invalid.