Weather in Taiwan

Weather in Taiwan is at the mercy of the tropical monsoon climate that also effects the southern portion of China's mainland.

Expats moving to the island can leave leggings and the winter woolies behind; summers are hot and humid, and winters are relatively mild.

The northern part of the country can potentially experience slightly cooler temperatures off-season, but lows rarely dip below 54°F (12°C). Average temperature is recorded at a comfortable 72°F (22°C).

Rainfall is by far the defining characteristic of weather in Taiwan. Typhoon season settles in from late summer to the middle of autumn (June to October) and between three and four of these monstrous storms tend to wreak havoc on the tiny island each year. Devastating winds and heavy rainfall often cause damage and flooding.

Taiwan also experiences the occasional earthquake, but these tend to come in the form of mere tremors rather than earth-shattering separation.

For the most part, expats will find the weather in Taiwan enjoyable.