Expat Experiences in Taiwan

When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Taiwan and would like to share your story.

Christel is a Filipina expat who moved to Taiwan in January 2012. Although she misses her family and friends, and Filipino foods, Christel enjoys the convenience of life in Taipei, especially the fast and efficient public transport. Read more about her expat experiences in Taiwan. Christel - A Filipina expat living in Taiwan
Jen, a South African expat teaching English in Taiwan, was bitten by the travel bug while teaching in South Korea. What with Taipei's excellent public transport and convenient weekend getaways, she and her fiancé are having a great time living and working in Taiwan. Jen a South African expert in Taiwan
India, an American expat living in Taiwan, travelled from California to Taipei to teach English. Read her advice on the best areas to live in Taipei and her comparison of the cost of living in Taiwan to that in LA in this interview about her experiences of living and working in Taipei. India an American expat in Taiwan
Ryan and Neil are a Canadian expat and a South African expat living in Taipei. One is a freelance editor, writer and graphic designer, while the other is an ESL teacher - together, they have 10 years of expat experience in the city. We highly recommend reading their great advice about living in Taipei.
Adrienne is an American expat living in Taipei. She was born in Taiwan but grew up in California, USA. Her family has now returned to Taipei where she attends the Taipei American School for expat children and leads a life much like that of a typical American teenager - but with some twists! Get a glimpse of her unique cross-cultural experiences in Taipei. Adrienne Vagabond in Taiwan
Jenna, an American expat living in Taipei, openly confesses to drinking too much coffee and alcohol (often together) but if it means she continues to share the kind of insight she's afforded our expat audience in her interview - we say, "Keep up the good work Jenna!". She's lived in Taiwan for over five years, and we highly recommend you read what she has to say about expat life in Taipei. Jenna - an American living in Taipei
Richard, a British expat living in Taipei, has moved to a slightly different beat since he relocated to Taiwan 18 years ago. Though he initially came to teach English, he now gives private piano lessons, and spends time freelance writing and editing. You may recognise him as the author of "Taipei Day Trips: I and II", and if not, all the better reason to familiarise yourself with the publications. Read what Richard's learned from nearly two decades of life in Taiwan. Richard - a British expat living in Taipei
Catherine, a Taiwanese American living in Taipei, is still sussing out exactly where she fits in; but is nonetheless, having an amazing experience doing so. She makes her bread and butter as a journalist for the Taipei Times, but takes true pleasure in maintaining her blog about daily life in Taipei. Read what she has to say about local culture and challenges of settling in in her expat interview. Thumbnail of Catherine - a Taiwanese American living in Taipei

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