It is little wonder that more and more expats are considering working in Canada. The country not only weathered the global recession well but has steadily managed to increase the number of jobs available each year. In fact, Canada has experienced positive economic growth over recent years. Much of this is thanks to the country's strong commodity ties to China.

Job market in Canada

As a land built with the picks and shovels of immigrant labour, Canada has a history of welcoming foreign expats into the country. Thus, those with commendable industry experience and a degree of specialisation will find that there are a fair amount of job opportunities.

Furthermore, experts anticipate that the manpower associated with the local baby boomer generation will be depleted in coming years, and thus Canada will find itself in an even more desperate situation to entice highly skilled workers to relocate there in order to sustain its expanding, dynamic economy. 

Though Canada is often brushed off as a country that thrives due to its abundant possession of natural resources, with strong forestery, fishing, oil and gas sectors, in actuality these industries are not nearly as important as the big business that has come to rule the manufacturing and service industries. 

More explicitly, within Canada’s urban centres, expats may be able to find positions in the financial services, real estate and communications industries, all of which have been growing continuously over recent years. 

All things considered, though, expats moving to Canada from the UK or the USA should expect lower wages, not to mention the fact that a great deal of an expat's monthly salary will go towards taxes in Canada. However, it is important to note that Canada’s urban centres are consistently voted among the best places to live in the world, so a slightly lower income should not really affect a person's quality of life.  

Expats considering taking up a job in Canada will need either a permanent residence permit or a work permit to do so. In order to be granted a work permit, the hiring company will need to carry out a Local Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which proves that they are unable to find a Canadian citizen or resident capable of filling the position. This is a time-consuming and costly exercise that many companies are not willing to carry out unless an expat has exceptional skills.

Finding a job in Canada

Canada takes pride in its strong infrastructure and well-maintained systems of support, and thus it comes as no surprise that there are a variety of resources available aimed at helping individuals find a job. 

Before starting the search though, it’s important to recognise that the job market in Canada may not only be very different from that in one's home country, but different provinces in Canada may demand different skill sets. For example, in Quebec, it may be expected that job seekers have some French language knowledge. Furthermore, it may be necessary to make sure qualifications gained in other countries are recognised in Canada before applying for a position. 

There are a myriad of internet job portals where expats can upload their resume and apply for jobs. Local newspaper classifieds can also be a good source of leads.

When it comes to the job search in Canada, expats should not underestimate the value of networking, and of taking advantage of organisations for newcomers and trade associations in each province.

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