Working in Sydney

Expats working in Sydney will find themselves in Australia’s commercial centre. Home to some of the country's largest businesses, Sydney is also the city of choice for multinational companies establishing a base in Australia. It follows naturally that many expats end up working in Sydney, and expats looking for a job in one of Australia’s urban centres would do well to make their way to the city.

Job market in Sydney

Some of Australia's largest companies, and indeed some of the largest companies in the world, are based in or around Sydney. 

Those in financial or insurance services, in particular, will find plenty of opportunities to join one of the lucrative firms in the area. Alternatively, expats looking for work in healthcare, retail or manufacturing sectors will also find large-scale industries which command growing levels of employment.

Average income in Sydney tends to be high, but expats should also note that large outlays are absolutely necessary in order to cover the increasing cost of living. The Mercer Cost of Living Survey has ranked Sydney as the 29th most expensive city out of the 209 cities surveyed worldwide in 2018.

It is also worth noting that the cost of living in Sydney is the highest in all of Australia, and even outranks a number of popular European destinations such as Paris, Milan and Vienna.

Finding a job in Sydney

There are a variety of jobs available in Sydney and the city's government is constantly doing its part to stimulate job creation. Expats often have questions about where to find information on available jobs. Any given newspaper in Australia, whether local, regional or national, will usually have a big section of job classifieds.

Another common way to look for jobs is through the internet. Looking for a job this way has many advantages. It’s free, one can find new advertisements every day, and expats can start job hunting even before they arrive in Australia. Furthermore, job hunters can filter a search by location, sector, salary and position which saves a great deal of time and makes the process of job hunting far more efficient.

For those who already know what type of work they want, approaching recruitment agencies can be very beneficial. There are hundreds of them in Sydney. Expats can find agencies for all types of jobs ranging from office admin and management to hospitality and construction.

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