Jakarta's vibrant cultural and entertainment scene is a reflection of its diverse populace and traditions and the distinct character of its various neighbourhoods. From eclectic shopping fairs to lively music festivals, the city's annual events calendar is packed with activities that cater to both the expat and local communities, ensuring there's always something exciting happening to satisfy the entertainment enthusiast.

Embarking on a cultural and entertainment journey in Jakarta presents an opportunity to explore the city's rich heritage, contemporary art scene and the harmonious blend of old and new. Discover Jakarta's annual festivities that resonate with the expat community, making the city a lively place to live and experience.

Annual events in Jakarta

Chinese New Year (January/February)

Experiencing Chinese New Year in Jakarta is among the top cultural encounters for expats. Chinese New Year is a big event for which Jakartans prepare well in advance by shopping and decorating their homes. The best place to take part in the festivities and fun events is in the Glodok area.

Java Jazz Festival (March)

The Jakarta Java Jazz Festival is one of the world’s largest jazz festivals, bringing world-class musicians and artists together with local up-and-coming bands in a three-day festival of music, art and entertainment. Artists share their talents on several stages all across the festival grounds. For expats in Jakarta who are jazz aficionados, this festival is a must-see.

Highland Gathering (May)

The Jakarta Highland Gathering is a cultural festival full of Scottish tradition and flair that includes several highland games, a golf tournament, live music and entertainment for the whole family. This well-attended event sees the expat community getting together with the locals to enjoy a day of concerts, games and great food.

Indonesia International Motor Show (April)

A haven for expat car enthusiasts in Jakarta, the Indonesia International Motor Show showcases an eclectic range of automobiles from around the globe. Exhibitors from all around the world present cars, motorcycles and parts in a well-organised show, held over the course of several days, that includes entertainment and demonstrations. 

Jakarta Fair (June/July) 

The Jakarta Fair is the epitome of cultural amalgamation, making it a popular choice among the expat community for exploring Indonesia's diverse heritage. This fair celebrates the anniversary of Jakarta’s founding and exhibits a wide variety of goods from across the country, including speciality food items and handmade crafts. Attendees can also enjoy music performances and amusement park rides.

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