Accommodation in The Hague

While The Hague may not be as diverse as Amsterdam, it’s still home to large communities of foreigners and it’s not uncommon to find people from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures living alongside each other in the city.

There are a number of accommodation options available, but demand is high which means they’re more expensive. Due to the short-term nature of most assignments, many expats opt to rent rather than buy property in The Hague.

Types of property in The Hague

As space is limited, most people live in apartments or row houses as opposed to standalone properties. Most homes in The Hague come with a balcony or access to a small garden, but it’s difficult to find places with designated parking spots, so those who own a car will need to look into renting a bay at an additional cost. 

Finding property in The Hague

To get an idea of what is available and property prices, expats can look at options on estate agency websites before they move to the Netherlands. Real estate agents are also good sources of information. They have an in-depth knowledge of the local market and most agencies in The Hague share listings, which will give expats access to a bigger pool of potential homes. It’s important to note that, in the Netherlands, the tenant is responsible for paying the agent’s fee, which is usually equivalent to a month’s rent. 

Signing a lease in The Hague

When renting accommodation in The Hague, expats should carefully confirm what exactly is included in their contract. For example, utilities aren’t always covered in the rental price and may need to be considered as additional expenses for the tenant. Deposits range from one to three months’ rent and will be returned once the tenant moves out, provided there are no damages.  

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