Areas and suburbs in The Hague

The Hague is the capital of the South Holland Province, which includes other cities such as Delft, Wassenaar and Leiden. All of these are located in close proximity to The Hague and many people commute into the city from these areas each day.

Factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing an area to live in The Hague include proximity to good international schools, access to transport links and available amenities.

Below are of some of the most popular areas in The Hague.

Neighbourhoods in The Hague


This central part of the city is close to shops, embassies, restaurants, cafés and green spaces. Accommodation options include luxury villas, historical buildings and modern apartments. Rental prices are high and reflect the area’s desirability, and space is limited, which makes parking a challenge.


Known as the Beverly Hills of the Netherlands, Wassenaar’s gated villas typically house diplomats and wealthy expats. It’s highly desirable due to its proximity to some of the best international schools, but prices are among the most expensive in the Hague.

Haagse Hout 

This area boasts large homes and plenty of open space, and it’s particularly popular among families. In addition to having access to lots of green spaces, residents of this district will also find that they’re within easy reach of the beach resorts of Kijkduin and Scheveningen.


Segbroek is a peaceful suburb located near a quiet section of beach. Houses are modest, rent is reasonable and there are lots of little shops, coffee houses and other amenities in the area. Active expats will enjoy taking hikes through the nearby forest.

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