Visas for Portugal

Before expats make their move to the country, it is important to make sure they have the correct paperwork in order and have obtained the correct visa for Portugal, if necessary. As Portugal is an  EU-member state citizens of other EU states can travel to the country with nothing but their passport. 

Although EU citizens are entitled to live and work in Portugal without a visa, there are still some documents which will be required to obtain the necessary residence permit. Residency visas are necessary for any stay longer than six months and can also be used as proof of residence for administrative tasks.

Non-EU citizens travelling to Portugal for a short stay or holiday may need to apply for a Schengen visa, which takes approximately 30 days. If non-EU citizens plan on settling down or working in Portugal they will need to take the necessary steps to obtain either a business, work or residency permit before their arrival.

Tourist visas for Portugal

Portugal is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement. Nationals of countries which are also signatory to the agreement do not need to apply for a tourist visa prior to arrival. Citizens of some countries such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand are also entitled to stay in Portugal for 90 days or less without a visa.

Visitors from other countries will be required to apply for a tourist visa before arriving in Portugal. The processing time for a tourist visa is around 30 days and travellers can apply at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in their home country. However, it is best to apply well ahead of time and it is possible to submit an application more than three months prior to the date of departure. 

Schengen visas for Portugal

As Portugal is part of the Schengen territory, once a person is granted this visa they can visit multiple destinations that are signatories to the agreement. Those who do plan on travelling to a number of Schengen countries will find it is best to make their application at the consulate of the country in which they plan to spend the largest amount of time.

It is important to note that under the Schengen Visa it is not permitted for expats or visitors to work or carry out any form of business activity.

Residence permits for Portugal

European Union citizens are not required to have a residence or work permit for Portugal. However, it is generally advisable that all expats obtain this document as it will often act as a useful proof of residence for obtaining a local driver's licence, opening a bank account or for tax purposes. 

Only nationals of EU-member states are allowed to apply for a residence permit from within Portugal. All other expats will be required to apply at a Portuguese consulate in their home country.

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